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The History of Beer:

Beer has been around for, well, forever - or at least as far back as 4000 BC.  Beer is one of the most popular drinks throughout the world.  While there are many kinds of beer, there are only two types of beer - ales and lagers.  Here at Copp Brewery, we micro brew ales.   Ale is a type of beer that is fermented at warm temperatures using top-fermenting brewer's yeast and other ingredients such as barley malt, hops and water.  Because our beers are produced in smaller quantities, we can offer not only the highest quality but the highest diversity in our craft beers. Some batches will be limited productions, others will be time tested favorites kept on tap.  Stop in often to see what's brewing and enjoy a selection of our finest craft beers.

Kinds of Ales:

Pale Ales - Pale ale is one of the most popular ale styles. Pale ale has a strong hoppy flavor.  Traditional British pale ale style is a very pleasant and understated beer. It has a malty profile with just enough woody or lightly floral hops.  American style pale ales are less malty and more aggressive hops varieties are used making it an exciting and spicy brew.

Brown Ales - Brown ales have a strong malt center and tend to be lightly hopped, and fairly mildly flavored, often with a nutty taste, ranging from dark brown to red-brown.  However, the ingredients and techniques used can result in beers ranging from soft, sweet, dark brown ales to bright, fizzy hop-busters with flavors such as caramel, toffee, and coffee.

Dark Ales (Porters and Stouts) - Porters are typically brewed with black malt with the more English style brown porters using a significant amount of chocolate and/or brown malt. Although Stout was originally used to designate a stronger porter than other porters, there is no significant difference between the two.  Stouts are typically brewed using roasted barley as the dark malt, giving most of the rich dark color and flavor characteristics common in stouts.  There are many different styles of stout ranging from dry and bitter to sweet and creamy, including: Irish dry stout, Chocolate stout, Coffee stout, Oatmeal stout and Sweet or Milk stout.

Wheat Ales -  There are many different styles of wheat beers, ranging from pale to dark, but they share a lot of the same characteristics. Wheat has much more protein in it than barley which contributes to a thick, long lasting head and creates the haze common in most wheat beers while giving it its silky feel and effervescence.

What's on Tap:

At the bar in our brewpub, you will find a selection of  pale, brown and dark (porter or stout) ales on tap. One of our signature pale ales, True Southern Grit, is made from our recipe that includes corn grits to impart a very pleasing and refreshing taste.  It is already a favorite of many, so odds are you will find it on tap for a long time to come along with our signature 1821 English ESB, brewed using ingredients available in 1821 England at the same proportions as recorded back then.  Or perhaps you would enjoy one of our award-winning stouts like Angry Elf, Double Black or Quaker Stout. Here's our latest Menu of Beers on tap, but because we brew many different kinds of craft ales (from the highest quality ingredients and our own recipes), the only way you can truly know what's on tap from week to week and month to month (and not miss out on something really special) is to stop in often and enjoy a beer flight or a pint or two and raise a glass for your favorite.

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